djarcas (djarcas) wrote in projectorgames,

What's in a name?

What can we call the game?

Zombie terror

Zombie nightmare

Zombie breakout?

Zombie warfare

Zombie war

Undead rising

Fright Night

Typing of the dead

Silent Plain

Hill Terror

Noisey Hill

Silent Terror

Undead terror

Zombies Day Out

Mass Flesh

Airing the dead

Dude where's my zombie?

Got Flesh?

Zombie Dominion



Endless Death


Cock It

I am not calling it cock it.

Undead rising : zombie terror.

Urban Death

Zombie Corp(s)

Saving Private Zombie

Killing Private Ryan

Zombie City : Undead rising.

Zombie City : ASBOs for Everyone

101 zombies.

1001 ways to kill a zombie

The 9 lives of Zombie

The Zombie Killers

The headshot wars.

Gnawing Street

Brain hunters

Will of the forsaken.

Pulp Zombie

Natural Born Zombie

Kill Zombie

Zombie City: Return of the phone call ("Don't let a mobile phone ruin your film")

Monster Mash

Knee Deep in head

Undead massacre

Debbie kills dallas

100 and one zombies

3 Blind Zombies

7 zombies

A glass full of zombie

Zombie City : Cleaning Up

Game of the dead

Dude! Where's my head?

Deep Zombie

Zombie City : Virus Outbreak

Got it! Zombie Genocide!

that's gotta be worth a lot in scrabble

Undead rising : Zombie Genocide

final solution: zombie genocide

Zombie Genocide

There is a film with this name I think....

no problem - zombie Genocide 2

Zombie Fever

Zombie Night Fever

Adam's Zombie Game

I think that one has a certain ring to it

Adam of the dead

Kiss Kiss Chew Chew

or Kiss Kiss Bite Gnaw


Zombie Infestation

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