djarcas (djarcas) wrote in projectorgames,

No screenshots today...

Just a quick update. The wonderful Llamalan is this weekend, and they should get a semi-playable, single level of Zombie Genocide to play. I am tempted to wire up the track and field board, and compile a special 100m test event; it really depends on time.

In other news, the PG Physics engine is now working nicely, and is correctly resolving collisions. There are still issues with gravity, restitution, stacking and all the other fun things you get with physics engines, but it should be enough to get Megasprint going. All I need to do now is get walls for the track with no internal vertices, and then start working on the handling.

Zombie Genocide is also coming along nicely. There are now generic characters walking around (the levelling and character database system hasn't been started yet), with camera tracking working well for multiple characters. The zombies will now target players only if they can see them. Next to do is the zombies going to your last known place, followed by gunshot following. After that comes the classic zombies seeing you, followed by arm-raising and moaning (the moaning will carry to nearby zombies, causing a ripple effect)
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