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Past and Future

Currently working on about 4 different games, not sure which one will be become actually PLAYABLE first, but I'll keep you posted. I'm happy to say I think I've invented another new game genre, but we'll see.


I would just like to say how much fun I had playing all the projector games
I certainly hope they are back for future i-series events!
The projector games were frankly......... the ****ing best.
I wanna give up Mohaa and start a Projector games clan..... Wanna join ?
I thought the projector games were amazing, I was around the tote building lots, and not once did I see it left idle.
Had some great games on the old FallDown there - pure quality.
ProjectorGames should become a standard accompaniment to the i-series events!
Projector games was so much fun. I kept meaning to donate but never had any change handy when I remembered...
your my hero...i love you :P
I have to agree with the feedback here - I really enjoyed playing the games, and look forward to some new ones next time !
it rocks.
PG = Ownage.
Skykids is the best
Thanks also to the PG crew...Without you, I might have had to leave the tote building
Well done to the guys it was great fun.
Projectorgames was brilliant, what a fantastic concept.
I know i probably spent more time playing projectorgames than i did sat at my own PC.
What he said.
i think there would be mass unrest if they weren't (at the lan)

...and all that from a single lan.


BigGame in Southhampton this weekend! More Megasprint level and handling fixes.
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