djarcas (djarcas) wrote in projectorgames,


I'll paraphrase, to protect the innocent, my email conversation.

Nice man : Gibberish.
Me : Do you speak English?
Nice man : Ring me about ProjectorGames
Me : Er, you're in Holland, can't we talk on Skype or MSN?
Nice man : Yes! Does PG do 4 player yet? Is anyone selling it?
Me : Our record is 86 player actually. I'm not selling it, just hiring it out.
Nice man : I found you on the internet! Your dreams might be destroyed by the WONDERWALL, that is 40 player wireless!
Me : Uhm. Ok. You can't buy any 40 channel wireless controllers, and that link is dead... er... what do you want?
Nice man : I want to buy a system that I can use for 4 people on a projector! I will try and buy a Wii!

I'm so lost.
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